Cleanup unfollow the deadbeats...

Hit the button below, and you'll get a list of all the users whom you follow, with information about each. You can use the sorting feature and stats to unfollow inactive users, spammers, people with low follow-back ratio and so on.


About this tool

So, you're following more than a hundred people on Twitter. You must have noticed that many of these users do not engage in conversations, never retweet anybody, or simply just ramble about nonsense stuff all day long (no links to useful content whatsoever!). You can use Tweepi’s geeky cleanup tool to filter these people out and unfollow them.

Geeky Clean-up enables you to filter out those inactive and unwanted tweeps by letting you check out their details and decide for yourself!

Tweepi helps you analyze and filter tweeps out - the geeky way, with numbers in a table - based on their activity and sociability. We spent so much time perfecting Tweepi that now you can also sort and search (filter) the results anyway you like on per page basis.

Premium Tweepi users can do that for all users they follow or following them, not just for the current page, along with loads of other time saving features.